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About The London Play Den

Fostering Strength In Childhood

Inspired by theories of learning, culture and traditional values we promote natural learning in the modern environment. Much in line with theorists such as Steiner & Montessori, our approach emphasises the role of the child’s natural habitat, imagination and creativity in learning. The London Play Den therefore provides environments and opportunities that integrate practical, cultural, artistic and conceptual elements.
We see the culturally vibrant city of London as our playground; a place with ample opportunity to grow, learn and achieve.  By creating stimulating environments where children can direct their own learning we hope to support the individual child’s social, physical, creative and intellectual development. Just as the majestic lion learns from his natural environment we see children as strong, capable and eager to thrive in theirs.

Mission Statement

Promoting play as a necessity

At The London play Den it is our mission to build on the strengths and interests of the individual child through the provision of playful and positive learning opportunities. We believe that all children deserve access to quality services that promote wellbeing, intellectual stimulation and skill acquisition.

By working together as empowered professionals we are able to provide support, innovation and variety in our services. Our settings are purposefully designed to support learning through play, encourage confidence and foster positive peer relations.

The London Play Den views play as a pre- set for all learning; Building pathways for thinking, understanding and emotional wellbeing. We aspire to promote positive views of childhood and play as a method for learning worldwide.

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