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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: May 2018

Booking and Payments

Booking payments are non-refundable except where cancellations are made within 14 days of event date. For hirable services a 40% deposit is required 14 days in advance of the event date. The London Play Den reserves the right to book over preliminary bookings where the deposit has not been paid within the required time scale. Please note that upon conformation you are responsible for the payment of the full order value which is subject to cancellation fees. Full payment is required 14 days prior to the event date.


Cancellation and postponement

We must receive written notification if you wish to cancel or postpone a service. The London Play Den are happy to work with you to secure an alternate date, where possible, if you need to re- schedule your booking. Should you wish to cancel a booking, this must be done within 14 days of the event date.  Any cancellations made after this time frame will be subject to a cancellation fee. This is equal to your full deposit which is non-refundable. Where extenuating circumstances are present efforts may be made to accommodate your booking on a suitably alternative date of your choice or offer a partial refund on any payments made. 

In the unlikely event that we should need cancel a booking you have made with us you will be refunded in full. The London Play Den reserves the right to cancel or amend bookings in extenuating circumstances.


Health and safety

In order to maintain our high standards of hygiene and to minimize risk to other children we ask to be informed before or at the beginning of your event if any children are suffering with head lice, skin conditions which may be worsened by the applications of face paints/makeup or contagious skin conditions/infections (e.g. cold sores/ conjunctivitis).  You are also required to inform us of any allergies, illnesses, medical conditions or specific requirements of which we may need to be made aware that affects any child attending your event.

Bookings where video/ photography are included automatically authorise our use of appropriate footage obtained during our events. Please note that Imagery which does not compromise the safety of children may be used by The London Play Den for the purposes of promotion and marketing. If you do not wish for your child to be photographed please inform a member of staff.


Data Protection/ Privacy Policy

The London Play Den is committed to protecting your privacy and process all data collected from you in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. We may use data obtained from you to keep you informed with regard to products and services provided by us and selected third parties. Information collected by us is not shared with any third parties except where necessary for the purposes of safeguarding children, service performance and health and safety.



The London Play Den is covered by Public Liability Insurance.

We do not accept any liability for the non-completions of an event or for delays arising as a result of:

·         Bad weather

·         Unforeseeable traffic delays

·         Strikes, riots, lockouts that affect trades concerned with IUN

·         State funeral/ public days of mourning

We ask that you notify us of any specific requirements relating to children. This includes but is not limited to allergies, food preferences, medical conditions, virus, contagious infection etc. The London Play Den is hereby indemnified with respect of any claim which may arise as a result of your misinterpretation or failure to disclose such information.

The London Play Den cannot take responsibility for events outside of our control, hazards or dangers within your chosen venue. We are therefore not liable for any losses, damages, costs, reactions or injuries sustained during/ after the event unless this arises out of gross negligence or the wilful misconduct of our employees or suppliers.



If you are not satisfied with the services provided to you by The London Play Den you have the right to complain. Please report any problems during your event and our staff will do their best to accommodate you. Official complaints should be given in writing and directed to the Service Director on . For enquires please contact us on or phone us on 07849 290 144



The London Play Den reserves the right to all intellectual property copyrighted to us. This includes the contents of our website which is protected under copyright, trademark, database and intellectual property law. You are therefore not permitted to reproduce, modify, copy, distribute or use any materials/content that has been produced by us or displayed on our website/ social media platforms for commercial purposes. All referenced materials, trademarks, logos and product names used on this website are the property of their respective owners.



When hiring our services and products, the client is responsible for ensuring that any statutory, government or local authority regulations are complied with.

The London Play Den

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