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Our Team

Highly Qualified

Our team of dedicated, pioneering childhood professionals deliver enhanced targeted services to children and young people.

All members of staff are qualified, experienced and passionate about providing high quality services. Our team is vetted in line with current legislation and qualified NVQ LEVEL 3 or higher. The London Play Den operates on Guidance set out by Ofsted and an informed understanding of child development. Together our team holds a number of specialist professional qualifications including BSc childhood studies, Safeguarding, First Aid and Food Hygiene.

We advocate for the professionalisation of the childhood workforce and value the importance of skilled adults to support learning through the extension of play. We hope to do this by supporting passionate and talented professionals in the provision of their own pioneering educational opportunities for children and young people. Together we hope to create a unified, informed and new approach to learning through play. Find out more on our Franchise page.

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