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Hosting an event, gathering or party? Want to hire a unique workshop to support your curriculum or learning themes? We’ve got you covered. You can browse our range of listed workshops below. Can’t find what your looking for? We design bespoke programs to suit your needs, themes and budget. Contact us with your requirements to arrange a free consultation and quote.


Tie Dye

Get messy customising fabric and clothing with our tie die workshop. Children will learn different dying techniques using a range of colours and create their own wearable art. This entertaining group activity is stimulating and sure to bring some creativity to their wardrobes.
From £175*


Experience the world of fabric painting with our batik workshop. Children can select from traditional motifs, animal, plants or even cartoon characters and get creative with this ancient art. Produce beautiful silk paintings, imaginative handkerchiefs, adorable aprons or customise clothing and great fun for the kids.
From £175*

Arty Crafty

Introducing new mediums is a fantastic way of getting children excited about art, provides a great artistic outlet for children and is sure to keep them entertained. This activity session provides a wonderful opportunity for your group to create their very own treasures, along with fantastic memories and a timeless keepsake.
From £175*

Graffiti/ Spray Paint

For some cool creative outdoor fun try our graffiti workshop. This unique experience allows your kids to create a group piece of art, as well as individual customised garments, using templates, spray paints and graffiti pens. We will provide a canvas wall for these purposes; arrangements can be made if you would actually like a wall painted.
From £175*


The perfect entertainment for or all budding fashion designers! Our accessorise workshop gives children the opportunity to design, make and customise their own bags, gloves, hairbands, shoes or jewellery. It’s a great way to add some sparkle to your day.
From £175*

Baking and Decorating

Get creative with our baking and decorating workshop. Make cookies, cupcakes, a group cake or muffins which will be themed to suit your group’s interests. From cake toppers to different icing techniques, children will love experimenting with and decorating their very own edible creations.  
From £175*


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Be Yourself

This workshop is the perfect prescription for girls transitioning into their teens. Young ladies will love learning how to make their own 100% natural face, bath and hair or cream products whilst having fun with their peers. This safe and stimulating activity will support discourses around body image, maturation, personal hygiene and is sure to empower your little ladies.
From £175*

Motivate and Accelerate​

Passionate confident youths make for tomorrows leaders and innovators. Our awesome motivational workshops are delivered by coaching professional’s and are sure to get your teens focused on their incredible futures. This programme incorporates confidence, team building and sport activities. Discourses reflect the needs of the group and provide advise on avenues of support with regards to mental wellbeing, career choices and entrepreneurialism. Contact us with your requirements.
* From £175

Be Resilient, Know Your Right's

Created in collaboration with some of the Uk’s most respected legal experts this workshop covers children’s rights, stop and search laws, crime, punishment and avenues of support. Group activities and themes are tailored to your requirments. Specifically designed to empower and protect youth through knowledge.
* From £175

Love Aware

A targeted workshop with focus on young people’s relationships. Discourses focus around healthy relationships as well as the signs and symptoms of abuse. Incorporating group games and drama in a fun way will allow the group to demonstrate and challenge their narratives around what is healthy or ‘normal’. It is important for young people to explore their understanding of relationships, know how to spot if things are spiralling out of control, where to get support from and how to protect themselves from inappropriate advances.
* From £175

Honest Art

Using art to challenge adversity and differences. This project requires 2 groups and is an innovative and effective way of challenging stereotypes and beliefs about others. This workshop typically runs over 2/3 sessions. The final session acts as a debrief and explores avenues of support for the issues presented through the groups collective artwork.
* From £175

Spray Your Say

This graffiti workshop focuses on the creation of artwork that reflects the challenges, thoughts and experiences of the young people attending. This workshop typically runs over 2/3 sessions. The final session acts as a debrief and explores avenues of support for the issues raised through the groups collective artwork.
* From £175

Drone School

Spark imagination and an entrepreneurial mindset with this innovative drone workshop. Learn how to build and fly your very own drone. This workshop supports skill acquisition is mechanics, engineering, programming and supports a basic understanding of aviation laws. Choose The London Play Dens Drone taster sessions for an introduction to programming, photography and flight control including mission orientated flying. Please contact us with your requirements for a personalised quote.

Baby Zen

Enjoy some magical bonding with your little one during this targeted chill session. We create the perfect environment for learning development, bonding and parent support by incorporating elements of baby yoga, massage, mindfulness, colourology and crystal therapy. Designed specifically for babies this activity supports wellbeing, visual development, early motor skills, attention and adaptive responses. Experience a world of soothing music and calming activities for your peaceful little angels.
* From £175

Super Sensory

Explore, get messy and stimulate those senses with our targeted toddler play session. Encourage learning through touch, smell, taste, sound and sight.  Activities are tailored to your theme. Are you ready to venture into all 5 senses? * From £175

Little Scientist

This interactive, creative and educational workshop is sure to engage your little learners in scientific play. Encouraging curiosity, creativity and a basic understanding of research techniques. Targeted for ages 3 and up this workshop is designed to support your required theme and age group. If you’re looking for explosive fun this workshop is for you.
* From £175

*Based on a 2 hour workshop provided by a skilled, experienced vetted professional. Hiring a workshop to a specialist environment? Our staff have a detailed understanding of working in specialist or high security environments. Please contact us with your requirments. 


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